About Us

Tire Mold expert. oracle. doctor.

Best solution for tire mold issues by expert. We are working with world-class tire production firms like Goodyear and Pirelli.

Who We Are

Our company has targeted the rubber sector and has created the required infrastructure in this respect. We supply, as an assistance, the rubber companies we work with various services such as mould production, machine production, spare parts production, camera (curing) mould production, container production, drum production and maintenance services for produced products.

Our priority targets are to provide ; trustworthy, true and honest customer satisfaction, high quality products and services that meet their expectations, increased competitive edge through following new technological developments, to provide a perfect working environment that takes into account work safety and worker health, to keep worker satisfaction at the forefront, and to target continual growth through investment and to reach the pinnacle in our sector.

We can heavy care more than 50 molds for PCR (Passenger Car Radial) and LVR (Light Vehicle Radial) group per month. Our capacity for TBR (Truck & Bus Radial) and LSR (Light Service Radial) group is about 20 mold per month for heavy care.