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Quality Policy

As YILDIZ MACHINE MOLD; Within the scope of Mold, Machine and Machine Spare Parts Manufacturing and Maintenance,

• To create a common language of quality and environmental safety awareness with the participation of our technical and experienced employees

• Setting up and improving management systems within the framework of continuous improvement

• To ensure the continuous monitoring of legal regulations and other conditions and to maximize customer satisfaction by fully implementing management systems that discipline all processes from market research to after sales support

• In our scope of activity, to follow and apply the current environmental legislation related to the environment

• By adopting environmental awareness to all our employees, to minimize environmental dimensions and impacts, to prevent pollution and to ensure that wastes are separated and disposed of.

• By keeping the existing risks under control, preventing the deterioration of our employees' health and ensuring the reduction of accidents

• To raise our employees' awareness through continuous training

• Minimizing natural resource consumption


MEHMET SÜRÜCÜ 14.10.2019